What is Flickguard?

Flickguard is an exceptionally tough and flexible termite security system, with proven performance that doesn't cost the earth.

Flickguard™ consists of an inner core impregnated with deltamethrin. Our unique Thermo-compression Technology™ then locks the deltamethrin into the inner core before it is laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane. This complex entrapment process ensures that the deltamethrin remains trapped within the inner core.

This means it is non-hazardous to anyone handling the product or who comes into contact with it. The control agent in Flickguard, deltamethrin, is an insecticide that is modelled on the natural pyrethrins produced by the chrysanthemum daisy, nature’s own cure for insect problems. Consequently it is low in toxicity to warm-blooded animals, though deadly to termites and other insects. Better yet, deltamethrin both kills and strongly deters termites.

The inner core of Flickguard adds to the durability and effectiveness of Flickguard Termite Protection, as well as ensuring the deltamethrin remains encased so it cannot escape into the environment. Flickguard has undergone extensive independent evaluation. The inner core within Flickguard, in addition to holding the deltamethrin, remains ever ready to kill and deter termites and is structured to prevent termites from penetrating past or through the product.

The bottom red plastic layer prevents the deltamethrin from leaching into the environment, thereby ensuring that it remains locked safely away from any soil organisms and soil moisture.

Flickguard is a physical termite security system

Flickguard deters concealed entry by termites.This is because termites physically can't get through Flickguard!

Tough yet flexible to install due to slimmer and more compacted profile, making it less obtrusive in modern construction designs.

Flickguard contains a highly potent termite control agent

Superior performance comes from the use of deltamethrin giving active termite protection. Deltamethrin displays unequalled insecticidal efficacy and repellency and deltamethrin is three times more insecticidally potent than bifenthrin.

Flickguard is safer to use and better for the environment

The polymers used in Flickguard are inedible to termites and, since Flickguard also acts as a moisture barrier, it further reduces the attractiveness of a property to termites.

In the unlikely event that any termites should penetrate the bottom plastic layer, they meet with the deadly (to termites) deltamethrin, ensuring their rapid demise... and since the deltamethrin remains safely locked up within the inner core, it does not get into the environment.

Flickguard is part of the green product community

Flickguard poses no risk to homeowners, construction workers or the environment. It is ideal for use in sensitive environments and in allergy-free housing.

Flickguard is so suited to securing properties against termites, it is protecting more than 100,000 homes and buildings in Australia, SE Asia and Europe, with numbers growing daily.

Find Flickguard on as part of the Green Product Community or CLICK HERE to download the Ecospecifier Certification.


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