Australia's Number One
Termite Security System

Flickguard is a PHYSICAL TERMITE PROTECTION SYSTEM that is safer to use and better for the environment.

Flickguard is proven to work

Flickguard is protecting more than 100,000 homes and buildings in Australia, SE Asia and Europe, with the numbers growing daily.

Flickguard was designed and tested for the toughest conditions including tropical conditions in Australia and SE Asia to ensure protection against our voracious termites, where ever you live.

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Protecting your home and family

Flickguard utilises our unique Thermo-compression Technology™ to lock the active control agent, deltamethrin, into the inner core. This complex entrapment process ensures that the deltamethrin does not get into the environment, protecting your family as well as your property from termites. Flickguard is ideal for use in sensitive environments and in allergy free housing.

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Australian designed and tested

Flickguard is designed and tested in Australia to suit Australian conditions and to protect against the voracious termites native to Australia. Flickguard is a trademark of Flick Anticimex, an international company with many years specialisation in termite management solutions.

Flickguard meets all performance criteria of Australian building authorities and Standards, providing effective termite protection in excess of 50 years, and is very easy to install and work with.

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Effective for
over 50 years

Independent trials, conducted in accordance with the requirements of AS 3660 Termite management Part 3 Assessment criteria for termite management systems and other tests show that Flickguard will remain as an effective termite protection system in excess of 50 years, even in tropical situations.

We are so confident in Flickguard, we offer a comprehensive termite damage warranty to ensure you have peace of mind in the unlikely event that Flickguard fails to provide adequate protection.

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