Installed by professionals

Flickguard is a flexible termite management system that may be installed in many difficult and complicated situations including multiple penetrations, step downs, etc. Call us on 13 14 40 to find your Flickguard Professional Installer.

Codemark compliance

CodeMark is a new building product certification scheme administered by the Australian Building Codes Board. Third-party CodeMark certification bodies evaluate and certify products to ensure they meet specified requirements of the Building Code.

Flickguard Termite Protection holds a Codemark Certificate of Conformity, CM40258, confirming compliance with the Building Code of Australia Volume One and Volume Two including Queensland and Northern Territory additions, as a termite protection system to deter concealed subterranean termite entry into buildings.

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Flickguard installers are supported technically by a team of professionals, all with extensive experience in the termite management industry.

Flickguard is a trademark of Flick Anticimex, an international company with many years of specialisation in termite management solutions.


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